There are ten tuition payments beginning in July and ending in April. 

The first three payments must be made before the first day of school.


Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten Yearly   Monthly

Half-Day Nursery (five days/week)

Full-Day Nursery (five days/week) 

Half-Day Pre-Kindergarten (five days/week) 

Full-Day Pre-Kindergarten (five days/week) 










Half-day programs begin at 8:00 am and finish at 11 am.

Full-day programs begin at 8:00 am and finish at 2:40 pm.

Kindergarten - Grade 8 Yearly   Monthly
1 Child - Catholic $5,000   $500
2 Children - Catholic  $8,050   $805
3 Children - Catholic  $10,350   $1,035
1 Child - Non-Catholic  $6,000   $600
2 Children - Non-Catholic  $8,650   $865
3 Children - Non-Catholic  $11,350   $1,135


Please Note:

● We need your help! We are asking every family to pledge 5 hours of volunteer time OR pay a $100 volunteer fee. This new policy will help us keep your tuition low!

● Returning students pay a non-refundable registration fee of $100.  New students pay a non-refundable registration fee of $150.  All families pay a $100 lab fee(including Nursery) to support our STEM Lab/Programs

● Tuition is due on the 5th of every month, beginning in July and ending in April. Please note that the first three payments are due before the beginning of school.
   It is essential that tuition obligations be met in a timely manner. A Late fee of $25 per month will be applied.

● A tuition discount of $200 will apply for students in Grades K – 8, if tuition is paid in full by July 5, 2020.

● If you are experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties, please contact Ms. Richardson, so the Tuition Committee can work with you to meet your financial obligations.

● The Diocese of Brooklyn offers financial assistance to qualifying families. More information can be found at
   The 2020-21 deadlines are March 29 for families that received assistance last year and April 29 for families that did not receive assistance last year.
   SMCA is also able to offer modest financial assistance. To be considered, however, you must apply through the Futures in Education website.


Mr. Stephen V. Barbaro                               Ms. Victoria Richardson, M.Ed.
SMCA Board of Directors, Chairperson        SMCA Principal