Homework for the Week of October 10th:

*Children should read for a minimum of 10 minutes per night.  This can be to you, with you and sometimes by you.  Before reading, try having your child make predictions about the story.  While reading, you can discuss the characters, setting, problems and solution of the story.  After reading, ask your child to retell the main idea and key details of the story (for non-fiction retell topic and details.)


*Please study the spelling words on Monday night and review them throughout the week. Spelling homework must be done in the yellow notebook.

Spelling Words

1. bed

2. men

3. red

4. step

5. ten

6. net

7. leg

8. jet

9. sled

10. wet

High Frequency

11. saw

12. your


1. The frog got wet.

2. The man fed the red hen.

3. Get it with a net.

4. I hit my leg on the rocks.

5. The men will fix the deck.

6. Ten kids are going.

7. Will you get on the big jet?

8. Dad is fixing my sled.

9. Step on the dock.

10. I nap in my bed.

11. I saw a big cat.

12. Kick it with your leg.

***Homework and test schedule are subject to change at the teacher's discretion.



Math- Study for test on Chapter 2

Spelling- copy sentences for words #1-6


Spelling- copy sentences for words #7-12


Math- Lesson 3.1 practice and homework 

Spelling- rainbow writing (trace over each letter in a different color)

Tests/Quizzes This Week:

Wednesday- Math Chapter 2

Friday- Social Studies: Families