Reminders for the week of December 11th:

*Free dress down on Tuesday!

*Our Christmas Concert will take place in the gym on Tueday evening.  Children must be present by 6:45 pm.

*The Christmas Boutique sale will take place on Wednesday.

Homework for the Week of December 11th:

*Children should read for a minimum of 10 minutes per night.  This can be to you, with you and sometimes by you.  Before reading, try having your child make predictions about the story.  While reading, you can discuss the characters, setting, problems and solution of the story.  After reading, ask your child to retell the main idea and key details of the story (for non-fiction retell topic and details.) Enter the number of minutes you read in your monthly reading log. Color in each day that you meet your reading goal.

*Please study the spelling words on Monday night and review them throughout the week.  Spelling Quiz will be given on Friday.  Spelling homework must be done in the yellow notebook.

 ***Homework and test schedule are subject to change at the teacher's discretion.


Math- practice and homework Lesson 5.8

Spelling- write words 3 times each




Math- practice and homework Lesson 5.9

Spelling- copy sentences #1-6


Math- practice and homework 5.10

Spelling- copy sentences #7-12

Spelling words

1. see

2. he

3. green

4. we

5. be

6. feet

7. tree

8. me

9. she

10. week

11. some

12. family


1. I see the sun going down.

2. He is in my tennis class.

3. Dad cut the green grass.

4. We saw the bees in that hive.

5. Where can my kitten be ?

6. Jan put socks on her feet .

7. Look at the top of that pine tree .

8. Steve came home with me .

9. She has a ribbon on her dress.

10. Lee went to the lake last week .

11. Will Rose eat some cake?

12. I have a big family .

Tests/Quizzes This Week:

Tuesday- Reading "Life in the Forest"

Thursday- Social Studies: Community Helpers

Friday- Spelling