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Scholastic Book Club Class Code:QHKJK 


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SMCA                                      Grade 2

 Reminders for week of April 23rd

 Dress down on Wednesday for Earth Day! $2..Any color.

Trip on Thursday...Mary Poppins

School closed on Friday, April 27th...  Teacher Professional Day


Spelling words:  talk, because, August, caught, draw, walk, chalk, auto, taught, thaw, fault, launch

Challenge words: applause, audience, awkward


Monday, April 23rd

Spelling: write words 2x each


 Reading: study for test tomorrow Horris Morris


Tuesday, April 24th

Spelling:put words in ABC order


 Grammar: study for test tomorrow...Pronouns


Wednesday, April 25th

Spelling: use at least 10 words in a story Due tomorrow

Math: pgs.

Dress down for Earth Day $2 


Thursday, April 26th

School closed tomorrow!

Math: No written h.w.


Tests this week:

Reading: Test Tuesday Horris Morris

Grammar: Test Wednesday Pronouns