Tests Next Week:

Monday, April 23- Math vocabulary quiz (Ch. 8 words: whole, halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, eighths, equal parts, fraction, unit fraction, denominator, numerator, fractions greater than 1

Tuesday, April 24- Math test (Fractions Ch. 8 p.443-474)

Wednesday, April 25- Reading test ( Suki's Kimono-vocabulary, story, & questions in reading notebook)  




**Parents & students can access the many resources that come with the Go Math book.  Sheets have been sent home with student user names and passwords.  Please let me know if you have any problems signing in. **

**Students will begin learning about multiplication.  A multiplication tables study booklet was sent home.  Please keep it in a safe spot at home and use it to study with your children.  Students are responsible to memorize all multiplication tables.  Flash cards are a fun and easy way to study.  Please begin to memorzie them now.** 







** Students will transition into writing homework and classwork in script.  Please do your best to complete homework in script.

** Please send in tissue boxes for the class.  We have run out of our supply :-)

** "Mary Poppins" trip money & permission slip due Friday, April 20th



 Math- p. 471 & 472

Practice- p. 55

Grammar test tomorrow



Math- sheet

Practice- p. 57

Religion test tomorrow



Math- p. 479 & 480

Practice- p.56



Math- p. 485 & 486

Grammar- p. 54

Spelling test tomorrow