First Grade Homework Sheet for week of 11/18/19


Spelling: Write words 2 times each in your yellow Spelling notebook

Math: Practice and Homework 4.4


Spelling: Copy sentences 1-5

Math: Practice and Homework 4.5  


Spelling: Copy sentences 6-10

Math: Practice and Homework 4.6      

Thursday Spelling: Rainbow words    
  • Picture Day is Tuesday. Wear your uniform! J
  • Treat Tuesday (Put money in lunchbox)
  • Chapter 3 Religion Test on Wednesday. Be sure to review the chapter including keywords & the worksheet with the order of the important events.
  • Service Wednesday- wear white for lung cancer ($2 donation)  
  • Math Chapter 4 test on Friday
  • Spelling test on Friday
  • Book bags will be sent home some time this week. There will be 3-4 books for your child to use to fulfill the daily reading requirement (15 minutes) along with reading for practice and enjoyment. Return the book bag every Monday, as new books will be chosen. Please treat the books as if they are your own J
  • “If I was a Community Helper” project due 11/25. Complete the packet with 3-4 sentences (describing what your job would be like) and an illustration. You may draw a picture(s) on the cover as well. Be sure to color the cover, too. Remember to begin sentences with a capital letter. Check your spelling!

Spelling Words                 

1. that

2. with

3. this

4. then

5. whip

6. which

7. what

8. when

9. think

10. wheel


1. That book is about tigers.

2. She walked with me.

3. I love this book!

4. He works and then rests.

5. I whip cream to put on pie.

6. Which story is better?

7. What does that cloud look like?

8. When are we going to recess?

9. I think hard in math class.

10. He fixed the bike wheel.