First Grade Homework Sheet for week of 9/16/19


Spelling: Write words 2 times each in your yellow Spelling notebook

Math: Practice and Homework 1.5


Spelling: Copy sentences 1-5

Math: Practice and Homework 1.6



Spelling: Copy sentences 6-10

Math: Practice and Homework 1.7




Spelling: Rainbow words (write each letter in a different color)

Math: Practice and Homework 1.8




  • Tuesday is Treat Tuesday-Put money in lunchbox
  • Spelling test on Friday. Study words every night! 
  • No homework Friday J
  • Math Chapter 1 test on Tuesday 9/24
  • Make sure you have 4 sharpened pencils everyday
  • Read a book of your choice for 10 minutes every night




Spelling Words            

1. an

2. bad

3. can

4. nap

5. cat

6. pan

7. man

8. lap

9. trap

10. lamp


1. I ate an orange.

2. The milk had gone bad.

3. Mom opened a can of peas.

4. The baby took a nap.

5. My cat is named Fluffy.

6. He cooked eggs in a pan.

7. That man can run fast!

8. I ran a lap around the gym.

9. The fish got caught in the trap.

10. The lamp is very bright.