Welcome to 1st Grade!

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1st Grade Gym Day will be on Friday's this year.  Please be sure children wear the gym uniform and sneakers.  

First Grade Homework for week of 9/24/18


Spelling: Write words 2 times each in Spelling notebook


Spelling: Copy sentences 1-5 into your Spelling notebook

Math: Practice and Homework 2.1



Spelling: Copy sentences 6-10 into your Spelling notebook

Math: Practice and Homework 2.2



Spelling: Rainbow words (Write each letter in a different color crayon)

Math: Practice and Homework 2.3






  • No homework Friday J
  • Read a book of your choice for 10 minutes every night  
  • Spelling test on Friday
  • Service Wednesday(9/26) Wear gold or yellow for Pediatric Cancer, $2 donation
  • Math quiz on Wednesday (10/3)
  • Please send in $5.75 for Scholastic News J




Spelling words

1. hop

2. box

3. jog

4. fox

5. log

6. rod

7. hot

8. mop

9. cot

10. pop



1. Watch me hop!

2. What is in the box?

3. I like to jog in gym class.

4. The fox is red.

5. The frog sat on a log.

6. Dad has a blue fishing rod.

7. It is very hot today.

8. I helped mom mop the floor.

9. I slept on a cot.

10. Do not pop the balloon!