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Religion website: once you get there enter zip code 11379 and then school St. Margaret School

 Math: think central

Reading: HMH Login - Ed: Your Friend in Learning

Spelling words for week of October 26th

space, globe, grade, swim, place, last, test, skin, drag, glide, just, stove 

Reminders for this week:

$2 dress down in pink on Wednesday ..Brest Cancer Awareness

Dress in Halloween Costume on Friday! 

Please join my google classroom the code is pd6gdk4

Monday, October 26th

 Spelling: write words 2x each

 Math: study for test tomorrow


Tuesday, October 27th

Spelling: use words 1-6 in sentences


Religion: study for test tomorrow 


Wednesday, October 28th

 Spelling: use words 7-12 in sentences

 Math: pgs.167-168


Thursday, October 29th

Spelling: study for test

Math: pgs.


Tests for this week:

1.Math: test on Tuesday

2. Religion: test on Wednesday...Lesson 3

3. Spelling: Test on Friday