GRADE 3 - Please come to class with a pencil, and a folder which will be used to hold your music sheets. Information about the recorders will be sent home next week.


GRADE 5 Please remember to bring your music folder and a pen to class. Today the boys and girls received a Classical Composer packet which they will use to take their notes. Our first composer was Franz Joseph Haydn. They heard excerpts from his Surprise Symphony, Farewell Symphony and Toy Symphony. They also heard a dramatic excerpt from Haydn's Creation, depicting when God created light.

 GRADE 7 Please come to class with a pen, around 10 sheets of looseleaf and a folder which will be used to hold the music sheets you will receive in class. Today we studied Stephen Foster and learned about the minstrel shows from the mid 1800's. We sang two of Foster's hit songs - "O Susanna" and "Camptown Races."

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