Welcome to Pre-K B!!!

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Homework for the week of June 12th – June 16th

Dear Parents,

Please don't forget to send in $6 with your child so they can participate in the Carnival.

The letter worksheet is reviewing partner letters.  Please have your child color the starfish that have partner letters.

The math worksheet is reviewing numbers. Please have your child color the picture and past 3 ice cream scoops in the dish and 2 ice cream scoops on the cone.

Both worksheets are due by Friday.

Please don’t forget to measure and weigh your child and fill out the ‘How Big Am I?’ sheet. 

Please continue to work on our sight words with your child at home.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!!!

**Our "Step Up Ceremony" and last day of class will be Monday, June 19, 2017.**

Have a wonderful week! =)

Sight Words:

But              It                He               You              She

Was             Me               So               My               Up

No               We              At               Can              An

Do               Am               For              The              Are

A                To               Is                And              Go

             See              Has              In                Have             I

Special Dates:

June 13thCarnival (Nursery to 7th grade) – Wear Gym Uniforms - Please make sure to send in $6 per child so they can participate.

June 16th8th Grade Graduation – 6:30 p.m.

June 19th – Pre-K Step Up at 9 a.m. – This will be the last day of school for Pre-K