Dear Parents,

At this time we are presenting to you the Graduation Policy of St. Margaret School.  We hope that this is a clear statement of our expectations for the eighth grade students at St. Margaret.

If a student fails any one major subject (ELA, Math, Sci, S.S.) he/she may not participate in any class activities associated with Graduation.

If a student fails two (2) subjects for the entire year, he/she may not participate in the Graduation ceremony.  The diploma will be granted at the successful completion of a summer school program.  By summer school we mean an organized program and not private tutoring.

You will receive three Progress Reports during the year, one midway between each Report Card.  This will keep you apprised of how your child is doing and alert you to any problems.  Should you have any concerns, please feel free to speak with your child's teachers.

Academic honors and awards are based on academic achievement and social growth.  For achievement of honors, the following criteria will be used:

Gold Cord: A yearly average of 95 or above with no mark below 93; Conduct, effort and personal growth must be Good or above.

White Cord: A yearly average of 90 to 94 with no mark below 85; Conduct, effort and personal growth must be Good or above.

Other Expectations:

All students must attend the Graduation Mass on Sunday, June 10th at 10:30 am.  Those who do not attend this Mass will not be permitted to attend the Graduation Ceremony on Friday, June 15th.  The Awards Brunch will take place immediately following the 10:30 AM liturgy.

Any child whose tuition and fees are not paid in full will not receive Cap and Gown and will not participate in the Graduation Activities or Graduation Exercise.  The Graduation fee of $200.00 is due by January 24, 2012.  It is important to pay on time to avoid a late fee.

We ask you to discuss this policy with your son/daughter and to monitor and assist him/her to successfully complete Elementary School.


Dr. Philip Franco                   Ms. Hartmann             Mrs. Ellison

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