JEWELRY - is never permitted to be worn on gym days.  No rubber bracelets.

EARRINGS - Girls who have pierced ears may wear posts or small hoops no more than 1/4"  Only ONE pair is permitted.  Large hoops or dangling earrings may not be worn.  Only thin chains may be worn around the neck.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.

WRIST WATCHES - may be worn, but it is the students' responsibility to provide a safe place for their belongings, especially during gym.  Administration, faculty and staff are not responsible for students' belongings or personal money.  If students wear watches or carry personal money to school, they do so at their own risk. NO iwatches allowed.

MAKE UP AND NAIL POLISH - are never permitted.  Students are encouraged to have clean hands and nails; no "fake" nails.

HAIR - should be well groomed.  Hair styles should be neat and simple.  No bleached hair, nor fake hair pieces.  Boy's haircut must be above the ears, tapered and not touching shirt collar.  Boys and girls hair must be properly groomed at all times.

BOOTS - may be worn to and from school during inclement weather.  However, boots may not be worn during class.  Upon entrance to the classrooms, the students must change into uniform shoes.