School Wide Announcements



Letter from Mrs. Richardson


May 2, 2018


Dear Parents,


I cannot believe we have only two more months of school.  This year has flown by. I am sure we are all happy the weather has turned for the better.  As we completed the calendar last summer, some changes need to be made due to the rough winter we experienced.  Please see the following updated calendar for the remainder of the year. For safety reasons before and after dismissal, supervision by adults is imperative.  Please do not allow children to hang on fences, run up and down the metal stairs or even lift up objects that can potentially be harmful.


*June 15 Pre K Step Up 9 AM Gym

 Grade 8 Graduation 7 PM Church

June 18Kindergarten Step Up 9 AM Gym

  Regular Dismissal Grade 1-7

June 19Regular Dismissal Grade 1-7

June 20Regular Dismissal Grade 1-7

June 21NOON Dismissal

June 22NOON Dismissal

June 25 LAST DAY 9 AM Mass 10 AM Dismissal


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